March 27, 2015


Paddleboard Camping

Paddling a small boat or board is a timeless means for crossing the ocean's surface, but for some it's as natural as walking on land. A recent tropical paddleboard and bike camping trip with my oldest son, Willy, really illuminated our seemingly innate comfort of living on water.

On our first day, Willy and I paddled 6 relaxed hours across a remote region of the Caicos bank to an obscure cay with barely enough sand for our bivys at high tide. Upon landfall, we immediately hid in these small shelters for the next two hours as rain poured its purity over the spotless white horizon. Having just enough time to Jetboil a pack of Ramen noodles and pouched chicken, insects and darkness inevitably drove us back under tightly enclosed cover for the remainder of the night. (Notice how our Shallow H2O Expedition Fins allowed us to just slide our boards over the dune without a thought. We never think about our fins because they perform so flawlessly in these intertidal settings.)

We awoke next day to 360 degrees of distant thunder clouds, brilliantly coloring the sun's rising light. This beauty was only matched by the sparkling diamond reflection of tailing bonefish piercing the endless flat's glassy surface. Utopia. After breaking camp, we merrily paddled 4 hours against shifting wind and current to a cut where shallow bank meets thick azure sea. Baby sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, lemon sharks and various fin fish entertained us while we waited for Bibo to meet us in the airboat for the night. After making camp on an inlet island, Bibo and Willy spent the evening paddling with LED's under their boards. Endless stars studded the new moon sky overhead. 

Day 3 consisted of a few hours chasing bones, followed by Bibo depositing Willy and I onshore one of 2 sparsely populated islands with our bikes, which we traded for our paddleboards. We then peddled across 5 miles of unpaved road and then a 10 mile stretch of hilly asphalt until reaching a favorite cafe for beer and conch. A few miles up the road, we ditched our bikes in the scrub to hike 1/2 mile to a deserted beach where we camped for the night. Tempestuous winds & ultra soft sand forced me to collapse my whipping rainfly covered tent atop me, stretching every claustrophobic limit to sleep inside my no-seeum netted sarcophagus. Sleeping without his tarp, Willy awoke the next morning covered in dew. 

The final day of our trip we biked across the causeway connecting the two 50 sq. mile islands and spent the next few hours pedaling uphill to somehow still end up at sea level 20 miles later. We passed barking dogs guarding their quaint island homes, farmers burning their tiny front yard crops and a grand old lady crossing the narrow road with the help of her cane. The end of our paddleboard and biking journey was bittersweet as we paid to have our bikes ferried back to our home island 50 miles away. We slept the remainder of the day under a gazebo like the two tropic tramps we were privileged to be over the last four days. 

The name of Bonefish Hippies embodies the choice to have as many off grid moments as possible surrounded by saltwater...not for the sake of a blog or post, but for the love of oceanic obscurity. It's an overwhelming instinct for many of us. We are honored to share a few of those moments with you.  


January 04, 2015


Surf Expo Launch

We are officially launching BonefishHippies, LLC at the Orlando Surf Expo this coming week! BonefishHippies creates unique SUP products based on the demands of our own off-grid experiences, combining practical elegance with an uncharted lifestyle, allowing access to remote places without any complications or setbacks.

To add to the excitement of our official launch, our amazing Shallow H2O Fins will debut on 2 gorgeous limited edition Vera Bradley Dragonfly Paddleboards!!! The vibrant colors of our anodized aluminum fins look stunning with the Vera Bradley print, beautifully demonstrating that fusion of stylistic edge and practical design. The paired skeg of the BonefishHippies fin allows you to paddle in water as shallow as 3" with amazing tracking ability and without tipping over or breaking a fin or fin box when paddling onto the beach or moving your SUP around on land. It's the perfect fin for any flat water SUP and, once you try it, it'll be the only fin you'll ever want on your board!

Shop around our website, then be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram to cast your vote for the 2 fin colors you think will look best on 2 of these fabulous limited edition Vera Bradley Dragonfly Paddleboards at the Expo! To check out one of our fins in person, be sure to tell your local paddleboard shop owner to drop by our booth this week or contact us about featuring our fins in their store. Thanks to Dragonfly Paddleboards and Vera Bradley for use of the boards!

December 27, 2014

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Hippie Brothers

   Bonefishhippies is an evolution and continuation of what we have been living really ever since our parents moved down to the Turks and Caicos back in '90. Moving there to start an adventurous life working at an educational marine center, they eventually discovered an amazing and virtually untouched bonefish fishery and in '98 founded a bonefish charter business, where we have been living half our life ever since.

   Living in a third-world environment really changes your perspective about what is truly important in life. It teaches you about loving the lifestyle and getting away from the mainstream. Growing up away from all of the conveniences most Americans are used to was really a life changing experience that taught my two brothers and I a lot. We all love adventure and packing as much into a day as we possibly can without all the media and technology of modern society. We entertained ourselves by throwing rocks off cliffs, fishing in one of the many boats we had, building forts and traps from our wilderness survival handbooks and, as the picture shows, by catching the different feral animals that roamed our island. -Will

December 22, 2014


The Story of BonefishHippies

BonefishHippes is more than the products you see on our pages, it's the love of time spent off the grid, paddling quietly along Earth's liquid wilderness. Not only are we a Made in the USA company that produces the best Shallow H2O Fin for any stand up paddleboard with a standard longboard fin box, but a family whose personal story is set between Florida's backwaters and the remote flats of the Turks & Caicos Islands, as airboat and paddleboard bonefishing guides, who've homeschooled 3 now almost grown sons, creating a lifestyle all our own. 
Our philosophy has always been to work hard without compromising our innate desire to dwell hidden alongside nature's unspoiled grandeur. This 'under the radar' approach to life earned us the title of 'Bonefish Hippies' by a fellow charter fishing guide and accurately embodies that soulful approach to being on the water that so many of you share with us. We know you'll love the freedom and ease our products add to your own paddleboard adventures so you too can paddle where you want! For us, it's all about creating your own amazing story.

Through our BLOG, family and friends will share their thoughts and adventures, in hopes of inspiring you to something greater than a waterless status quo. We welcome your thoughts in this ongoing conversation and passion for a simple life on the water. -M&B


(Photo by Mark Hatter)