December 27, 2014

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BonefishHippies creates unique SUP products based on the demands of our own off-grid experiences, combining practical elegance with an uncharted lifestyle, allowing access to remote places without any complications or setbacks. We share our innovations with you to help you forge your own magnificent adventure. 

It's Your Story...Paddle Where You Want

Hippie Brothers

   Bonefishhippies is an evolution and continuation of what we have been living really ever since our parents moved down to the Turks and Caicos back in '90. Moving there to start an adventurous life working at an educational marine center, they eventually discovered an amazing and virtually untouched bonefish fishery and in '98 founded a bonefish charter business, where we have been living half our life ever since.

   Living in a third-world environment really changes your perspective about what is truly important in life. It teaches you about loving the lifestyle and getting away from the mainstream. Growing up away from all of the conveniences most Americans are used to was really a life changing experience that taught my two brothers and I a lot. We all love adventure and packing as much into a day as we possibly can without all the media and technology of modern society. We entertained ourselves by throwing rocks off cliffs, fishing in one of the many boats we had, building forts and traps from our wilderness survival handbooks and, as the picture shows, by catching the different feral animals that roamed our island. -Will

1 Comment

Mike Denham
Mike Denham

March 14, 2015

What a great story. For a boy growing up, it sounds like the perfect life to me. Some would call that out of touch. I would call it living.

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