December 22, 2014


BonefishHippies creates unique SUP products based on the demands of our own off-grid experiences, combining practical elegance with an uncharted lifestyle, allowing access to remote places without any complications or setbacks. We share our innovations with you to help you forge your own magnificent adventure. 

It's Your Story...Paddle Where You Want

The Story of BonefishHippies

BonefishHippes is more than the products you see on our pages, it's the love of time spent off the grid, paddling quietly along Earth's liquid wilderness. Not only are we a Made in the USA company that produces the best Shallow H2O Fin for any stand up paddleboard with a standard longboard fin box, but a family whose personal story is set between Florida's backwaters and the remote flats of the Turks & Caicos Islands, as airboat and paddleboard bonefishing guides, who've homeschooled 3 now almost grown sons, creating a lifestyle all our own. 
Our philosophy has always been to work hard without compromising our innate desire to dwell hidden alongside nature's unspoiled grandeur. This 'under the radar' approach to life earned us the title of 'Bonefish Hippies' by a fellow charter fishing guide and accurately embodies that soulful approach to being on the water that so many of you share with us. We know you'll love the freedom and ease our products add to your own paddleboard adventures so you too can paddle where you want! For us, it's all about creating your own amazing story.

Through our BLOG, family and friends will share their thoughts and adventures, in hopes of inspiring you to something greater than a waterless status quo. We welcome your thoughts in this ongoing conversation and passion for a simple life on the water. -M&B


(Photo by Mark Hatter)

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